My services

My languages:

German, English, French, Czech, Slovak

If you need an other language combination, I might be able to assist you with a qualified and competent colleague. Do not hesitate to get in touch.

Expertise interpreting:
Simultanous, consecutive or liaision interpreting
Technics and technology
Security technology, waste-to-energy
IT (general)
Medicine and pharmaceutics
Alternative medicine, TCM, reflexology
Police and tribunals
Film industry (seminars, workshops, festivals)

Expertise translation:
Finance and banking (annual reports, client mailings, market research etc.)
Medicine (doctor’s reports etc.)
Alternative medicine (website, book)
Pharmaceutics (clinical studies, reports etc.)
Law (police reports, legal acts, court sentences etc.)
Technics (security technology, waste-to-energy etc.)
Client brochures, mailings, letters, marketing material, etc.

Translator – Interpreter

But what is the difference between translating and interpreting? Isn’t it the same? No, not at all. These are two very different professions.

Translation is the rendering of a written text into another written text. A translator usually gets a document in a foreign language and will translate it into his or her mother tongue, taking into account the style of the original, its terminology and especially the target public of the text.

An interpreter, on the other hand, renders the original (usually a speech) orally into his or her mother tongue or the language where he/she has excellent skills. Interpreters work under even more time pressure than translators, as they have to translate almost simultaneously with the speaker’s speech.

Personally, I find both jobs fascinating. I love working under pressure, having to find quick solutions for a problem. But I also appreciate the quieter work as a translator, where I get the time to rethink the wording of a text several times before having to hand it in.